About Us

Nadra means rare in Swahili.

A true friendship is a rare occurrence...and our story begins with our friendship, which started Freshman year in 1993, at Brooklyn "Tech" high school. We were both first generation immigrated immigrants, Tamara hailing from Barbados; and Allison from Guyana. Through shared experiences and a love of hair and beauty, we created Nadra Care in 2017 after discussing with our colleagues what was needed to better our communities. 

Historically and even today, there are numerous challenges in ownership and access in the beauty and grooming supply business. As customers of natural hair care products, we are often left frustrated by the low-quality product options we are given. Nadra Care is our response and answer. We will do the work for our customers: our extensive process of sourcing and vetting top suppliers is our commitment to you. Buying from us ensures that we are represented at all stages in the hair and beauty distribution process. 

Thank you for supporting our business. We are passionate about being our best selves and embracing who we are through self care and self love :)...We look forward to growing with you!

In beauty, grooming and love,

Allison & Tamara