You are Nadra!

Posted by Tamara Marshall on

It doesn't matter what I think or what anyone else thinks about you.  What matters is what you think about yourself. PERIOD!

We can be our biggest bullies at times but we need to be our biggest fans.  God- only created one you.  I believe in God. You may or may not. Whatever you believe in, a higher power or the universe the same is still true.  You are one of a kind.  That's Nadra! 

Nadra means rare, unique, or different, aka "beautiful", "handsome".  Therefore, if you want to rock your natural hair do it!  If you want to rock a weave, do it!  If you want to rock a lace front wig, do it! if you want to rock a baldie or locs, do it. If you want to grow your beard long or keep it short, do it! Do you!

Fact- You live everyday and die once?

Life is too short to care what others think.  What's important is finding what makes you happy.  Nurture your mind, body, and soul to discover your happiness.  Be your biggest fan!  It will change your life and you will have more fun. Folks will recognize and be inspired by your high confidence and higher self esteem. Most importantly, you will be inspired by your own self love to always be your best self. Throughout your self love journey Nadra Care will have wonderful products that compliment your "Nadra" beauty or handsomeness! Straight talk!



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